Day 1

New Year’s Day. 2020.

Started this blog to document & inspire me to get through this year of sobriety. Typing YEAR is very very scary.

I’ll be addressing a few major problems here as I’m going full out honesty. I’m on the tail end of a combo of very glamorous issues including disordered eating and alcohol dependence – yay – if nothing else I promise to make this a dramatic read!

Annoyingly I can’t seem to completely kick either BUT have been making great progress with each I.e I no longer plan my days around avoiding food and I’m not squiffy everyday. But I want to cut both out my life for good. No drink. No cray cray food obsession.

So day 1 nearly done I’m feeling good. Got my Becks Blue in my hand, my dog resting on my lap and my partner by my side who’s agreed to help me kick this shit too. I’m not expecting it to be easy but I feel strong enough to begin to think it’s possible.

Thanks for reading, please follow, leave comments or whatever. I think I might need all the help I can get.


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