Day 2. Saved by the Bath

GRUMPY!! You see normally a drink would take the edge off but sober me’s got to sit in this…..

So I’ll sit in it, in the bath. Read plenty of sober literature of late (the unexpected joy of being sober 👌👌) to get me in the dry mood, baths were mentioned multiple times by multiple sources so I’m diving in. Probably crack open a Becks Blue to sit on the corner next to my pongy candle and book….

Pongy Candle to the rescue.

Probably it’s a simple case of work-in-the-morning blues or holiday-over-blues. I get ALL the shades of blue then dull them with red wine, which is sad because I actually love my work.

Partner and I returned to beloved London from holiday in North Wales so had a long drive after a lovely morning run along the lake. Just tired I suppose.

Bath, then bed.

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