1 WEEK – little shifts

Now I’m not sure wether these things are real or it’s just some crazy cognitive dissonance mind fuck that’s reinforcing my beliefs that sobriety is good for me, BUT either way I’m pretty thrilled;

  • sleeping more deeply
  • moods less variable
  • laughing more with BF
  • Quicker at waking up
  • disliking the smell of wine (!!!!!)
  • Overall confidence has faltered less
  • Sense of smell more acute
  • ED not on my mind

…Roll on week 2! Should be easier as almost no social engagements planned. 1st 2020 Therapy with my guy tomorrow- can’t wait to report the findings. Not sure he was onboard with all out abstinence, maybe something to do with my type 1 character control thing?

I’m suddenly (and sadly) aware of all of the quality time I’ve missed, and for what? Why? Why has it always felt so crucial to drink? Why was I so afraid not drink? I suppose those answers might follow this heavenly honeymoon period.

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