Day 26, i’m too sexy for a drink.

Increased Libido! Who’s with me?! So this is new in the last 26 days. But I’m up for it like ALL THE TIME. wtf? Bf is thrilled! Me too because I’ve always just glumly accepted that I ‘have a low sex drive’. I hate to admit it but I’ve been a once-a-week-at-best kinda gal for a few years now. I’ve always been jealous of those women (seemingly everyone else..) who find sex easy to get into. Previously I’ve had to carve out time – have all the jobs done – be showered and clean … (super sexy I know) etc etc etc…It now feels way easier to be in the zone, & forget small details and prioritize sex because, you know, it’s one of the best most fun things in life. I mean the thoughts come involuntarily atm! I keep going to yoga and coming out fully fired up for some fun – I’m a total hussie sober!

I’ve made some huge career decisions in the last 2 weeks which may have something to do with More Sexy Me. I’ve been disciplined and mapped out next steps which has fired me up and eased my anxiety about the future all at once. 2 weeks ago I wrote a post about my transitional period stupor but I really went through that (as opposed to over it via wine) and I know it sounds dramatic but i swear I wouldn’t have been able to be this clear & rational in my life before this point. Even the fact that i’ve followed through with the not drinking has boosted my confidence in my abilities therefore making other small wins seem easier. I’m making better daily choices, even if it’s down to choosing a positive documentary to watch over brain numbing tv in my down time. The minute wine gets to my lips I’m fucking useless I swear. These tiny wins are adding up to an overall better me for sure, I’ve got more control – and that feels like some sort of freedom.

So dry Jan is soon over and I feel in full rhythm of no drinking with no intention of stopping. This is in no way smug – but it does feel easy still. I’ve always found it excruciatingly hard to not think about drink- I never thought this would be me so right now I’m absolutely riding this wave. I use to read blogs like this and think ‘yeah but I couldn’t do that’ or I’d stop drinking for a day or 2 but cave when I saw a friend. I had to get to this point though, all other times I’ve abstained (and failed) it’s felt a lot less natural somehow. My advice right now would be you have to be incredibly well practiced at failure and expect and few hiccups before you find your sober-flow. I’ve never been more 2 weeks sober before now but all I can say is life only seems to be getting better with each sober day. There are NO DOWNSIDES thus far, besides the mental discipline which we all know feels kinda great anyway.

I pray tho, I pray HARD that they NEVER STOP MAKING BECKS BLUE, the fizz as that cap opens is totally delicious.

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