Day 26, i’m too sexy for a drink.

Increased Libido! Who’s with me?! So this is new in the last 26 days. But I’m up for it like ALL THE TIME. wtf? Bf is thrilled! Me too because I’ve always just glumly accepted that I ‘have a low sex drive’. I hate to admit it but I’ve been a once-a-week-at-best kinda gal forContinue reading “Day 26, i’m too sexy for a drink.”

2 weeks. The Honeymoon’s over.

Might be time to invest in Becks Blue guys. Serious increased sales going on there right now! On my 3rd of the evening. Oh yeah. Things have gotten shitty the past few days. My twin sister tells me it’s the full moon. I’m also on day 2 of the monthly female bloodfest including all theContinue reading “2 weeks. The Honeymoon’s over.”

1 WEEK – little shifts

Now I’m not sure wether these things are real or it’s just some crazy cognitive dissonance mind fuck that’s reinforcing my beliefs that sobriety is good for me, BUT either way I’m pretty thrilled; sleeping more deeply moods less variable laughing more with BF Quicker at waking up disliking the smell of wine (!!!!!) OverallContinue reading “1 WEEK – little shifts”